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[21 Jan 2031|03:03pm]
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[15 Apr 2021|11:15am]
[ mood | mellow ]


I hope you are all found well by this message. I wish to inquire after you all- are you safe? Are you happy?

If I have caused any offense to anyone over the last few months, I can only apologise most sincerely. I have not been myself.

But the days are getting longer and warmer, and I feel renewed. Things will be well again.

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[25 Mar 2021|07:53pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]


Hello you! Sorry I've been a little absent this past week, my sister has moved into New York, and I've been helping her move! I did get your texts, so sorry I didn't reply. I'm replying now! Yes we can get coffee sometime soon, promise ;)

Hey so, just out of curiosity, because you know how I've been researching other pantheons in NYC, how much do you know about Hermes? I'm told he lives here, but Apollo hasn't said anything about him. Do you know if that's true?

Spring is beautiful, isn't it. I hope your mother is doing well with the longer days and the flowers blooming.

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[02 Mar 2021|09:55pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

It's March! Spring is coming, things are going to get warmer, the ground is going to thaw, oh I cannot wait! Easter is coming too, although I do not celebrate it, I do enjoy eating an entire chocolate rabbit in one go.

Oh Much, you should make a gnome egg hunt! Genius. I love those things. Gnomes. And eggs!

I am in a good mood today. Things can only go up from here.

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[24 Feb 2021|02:35pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hej Much, hope that load of cans made their way to happy new homes!

Talking to you was an absolute pleasure, and it made me a little bit nostalgic for the old days. I have been looking at expanding my social circle into the global pantheons and I'd love to get to know your people. You sound like a right laugh!

I feel like (I hope!) Winter is in its last gasp. The end of February approaches and with it the Sun, gradually extending his time with us in the sky. It is no Nordic winter of course, but I do like a more temperate environment. Warm breezes and sunny skies are my home!

Freyja, how is Washington? I hope you are keeping warm x

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[07 Feb 2021|12:42am]
All of this snow reminds me of the homelands. Sitting in the longhouse, gathered together around a roaring fire, swapping mead, tales and songs, retreating from the firelight to burrow under the furs and keep warm skin to skin. I get some very strong nostalgia about those days.

It also means that the garden in inaccessible, the clinic is closed, and I find myself at somewhat of a loose end, rattling about my home all alone. A window somehow got knocked open in my basement and I spent ages trying to figure out where the draft was coming from. Must be animals trying to escape the cold, poor things. You can catch your death out there right now, so make sure you rug up, everyone!

I am going to get my faux fur blanket and a mug of mulled wine and sit by the fire, and listen to old Nordic music on Spotify. Skal!
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[31 Jan 2021|12:19am]
[ mood | chipper ]

[There is a package waiting for him on his step when he returns from his walk. He picks it up, curious, and takes it inside.

Inside is a chess set with a note, which he picks up and unfolds.

I hope your skills will have improved by the time we use this together.

He frowns slightly, and picks up the box again, reading the label. Freyja, sending him gifts? How very thoughtful. It has been a while since he last saw his sister, hasn't it?]


I got your gift today. Those sound like fighting words!

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[24 Jan 2021|12:44am]
[ mood | calm ]

Good morning, as they say. I got up at 6am to do some exercises, then I had my coffee and headed off to work. I look forward to the day growing longer! Although of course I miss Yule, I always feel good for the month of Yule.

I have rather a lot of spinach from the garden. Does anyone want any?

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